#010: Jennifer Arsenault - Keller Williams Team Leader/Broker, What She Looks For in New Agents, Clear Standards, Keeping Commitments to Yourself

“Know who you are and always operate in grace. See everyone for who they were created to be and speak to them in that manner.”

I am so excited to have my friend, team leader, and broker, Jennifer Arsenault, on the podcast today. She is an incredible woman, leader, inspiration, broker, friend, and mother. In this episode, she and I sit down to discuss her story, advice for real estate agents, and how she got into the business.

Jennifer’s story is one of adversity, triumph, and hard work. She opens up about the challenges she faced during her adolescent years and early 20s, including sexual abuse. The conversation continues into how Jennifer got her start in real estate through property management, how she became the team leader and broker of her Keller Williams office, what someone should have if they want to start a career in real estate, and so much more.

“When your standards are clear, no becomes very easy.”

If you are someone in real estate, an entrepreneur, have an interest in a career in real estate, or just enjoy hearing stories of triumph, this episode is for you. You can listen below or clicking HERE to listen on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.

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