#013: Matt Holder - Building a Team, Hiring Your First Team Member, Setting Expectations, Best Practices for Open Team Communication

“Why do you want to have a team? Leadership is not for the faint of heart.”

This episode is all about teams! Building a team, Wyatt and I’s real estate team, partnering with potential team members, setting expectations, and so much more.

The questions I’m asking in this episode are to help you figure out why you want to have a team. Is your heart in a place where you’re willing and passionate about helping others achieve their goals in your organization? Leading is hard. You have to be able to lead yourself first before you can successfully lead others.

Who is in your world right now that you are in alignment with in vision, beliefs, and work ethic? Have conversations with people. Your first team member could be right in front of you. Look for people who have heart. If you don’t have a good heart, we’re not a match. I don’t believe having a good heart can be trained. You can’t train integrity, honesty, or trust. You can train skill, not heart or passion. If you find someone who has heart, passion, and grit, they can be trained the skill.

Before you partner with anyone for your team, have expectations set beforehand. “How do I win with you?” “How do I lose with you?” Everything is mutual. I believe if you start treating people with the “I’m the boss” mentality, you will kill creativity and turn people off. Being a leader and a champion for their goals and potential is going to get you a lot further than walking around saying you’re the boss.

There is so much more covered in the episode than what I can type out here. If you are thinking about starting a team in your industry or even joining one, I highly recommend this episode! I can only share from my experience and I hope this helps you in some way. If it does, would you do me a huge favor and email me? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback! matt@kwelevate.com

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