#012: Sarah Zubair - How to Brand Your Business, Entrepreneurship, Why Content Creation is Important For Your Business

“Things have the meaning we give to them.”

Pumped to have Sarah Zubair on the podcast today! Sarah is a creative in Oklahoma City specializing in helping others grow their business. Fun fact: she and I graduated high school together. I’ve had the opportunity to see Sarah grow and evolve into the person she is today.

I knew I wanted to have her on the podcast because of her knowledge of branding, social media, creating content, and growing businesses through creative work.

"If you don’t have a seat at the table, you can pull one up.”

In this episode we talk about creating your own opportunity. Sarah talks about her belief that there isn’t a lack of opportunity, just an unequal distribution of it. Personal ambition levels the playing field. We discuss why knowing your purpose is important for continuing on in business and growing.

Sarah is a super genius at all things tech and creative! Did you know your iPhone camera is as good as most DSLR cameras? She gives a super awesome tip for getting the most out of your iPhone camera when creating videos.

Basically, if you care about branding your business (which I hope you do), growing your social media, learning how to create better content, and practical tips around all of those things, you need to listen. You can listen below or on your phone by clicking HERE.

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